Big Dick and The Extenders

This blog is not about Jimmy Johnson dressing up in NASCAR garb promoting some male sexual enhancement product in order to subsidize his bayside resort in Key Largo...Jimmy Johnson's Big Chill.

It is however, about a famous three piece band that had performed at Woody's Saloon & Restaurant in Islamorada, Florida for God knows how many years.

Big Dick and The Extenders reminds me of ZZ Top...unplugged. A little ol' band from Islamorada Florida. "Every Place Else Sucks," says Big Dick and I whole-heartedly agree.

Last Saturday night in Port Salerno, at the Manatee Island Bar and Grill we got to see Big Dick and The Extenders rock out at the Tiki Bar. The lead guitarist, playing a vintage Fender Stratocaster, was so hot that he caught their main speaker on fire. No Shit! Right in front of me...


Our original destination was the Pirate's Cove Resort on the Manatee Pocket, to grab a few fish tacos and a cold beer or two. The outside bar has an outstanding view of The Pocket and Marina as well as the Hinckley Yacht Yard and Docks.

On Sunday afternoons they host one of the best Reggae Pool Parties this side of the Bahamas, from 2-6PM.



Big Dick told us afterwards that he had not performed at Woody's in over two years and that he had been asked to play at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. 
Stranger things have happened I guess...if you know what I mean?
He has also been performing over on the Florida Gulf Coast at the Undertow Beach Bar.



It is a place where Big Dick says, "You can get sucked offshore" and "the Coronas are only two bucks!"

See you there next Saturday, 8-21-10. No tar balls allowed.


Margarita Steve

PS. Click here to see Big Dick