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This is a margarita glasses gift basket that anyone  would love to receive and I guarantee they will thank you for it for years to come!

The Original Margarita Shack Gift Basket contains (2) Cobalt Rimmed Margarita Glasses or (2) Cactus Margarita Glasses, (1) Jose Cuervo Margarita Salt, (6) packages of Margarita Mix, a Customized Gift Card, (2) Glass Palm Tree or Flip Flop Swizzle Sticks, (6) Mardi-Gras Beads and a Go Anywhere Margarita Shack Mixing Bottle all arranged in a zinc plated oval tub.

Order yours today and we will get it on the way to that special someone.

Our great tasting, low calorie, powdered margarita mix margarita recipe and makes it easy to mix up some great tasting margaritas. Give it a try, we guarantee you’ll like it!

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